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We know how important the mobile phone is in everyday life, and we also understand that accidents happen (it happens to us too 🤫).

That's why it should take less than a minute to file a claim in the Tillit app.

Customers can choose the workshop that is closest to them. No clutter or vague twists; only good and fast service.

Repaired within an hour ⚡️

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The price you pay for repair or replacement decreases for each day you do not use your insurance.

Below you can see that we have the market's lowest deductibles after 100 days without claim

Phone insurance

Screen repair

1 000 kr

0 kr

We repair your screen.

Phone insurance

Other damages

1 500 kr

500 kr

We fix or replace your phone.

Phone insurance


2 000 kr

1 000 kr

We replace your phone if it gets stolen.

By the way: You get 50% on phone insurance when you have contents insurance from Tillit

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