Terms for Tillit Shop

  1. You lose Tillit Coins if someone you have recruited cancels the insurance before 60 days have passed. Tillit Forsikring reserves the right to claim the product back if this is not complied with.
  2. Tillit Coins cannot be used until you have valid insurance.
  3. Any orders may be canceled if you do not have insurance or have a negative Tillit Coins balance at the time of dispatch. You will then get back the Tillit Coins used on the order.
  4. Tillit Forsikring reserves the right to change the amount of Tillit Coins on the products in the Tillit Shop and the rates for earning Tillit Coins.
  5. We will send out the product within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed. We cannot be held liable if the shipment from the supplier is delayed.
  6. Tillit Forsikring reserves the right to change the conditions for Tillit Shop at any time.
  7. Tillit Forsikring reserves the right to deprive individual customers of their bonus without further justification. This may also include a ban on further recruitment.
  8. You cannot be enlisted more than once.
  9. The recruitment premium cannot be paid in cash.
  10. You cannot register your own phone number.
  11. If you cancel your insurance policy and have remaining Tillit Coins, these will become available again if you purchase insurance again. Tillit Coins cannot be transferred or shared between users.