Obligation to provide information to our customers

Tillit Forsikring AS, org no. 919 084 804, Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo, is an approved insurance agent and is subject to the Insurance Mediation Act and related regulations. The business is under the control of the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority and is registered in the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority's register of approved insurance agent companies.

Tillit Forsikring AS only cooperates with solid and highly rated insurers with recognized and well-established reinsurers behind them. As the insurer is not Norwegian, the company cannot be a member of the Norwegian Guarantee Scheme. The insurer is associated with TFF, Finansklagenemda and FOSS in the same way as Norwegian insurance companies. Tillit is the insurance agent for Eir Försäkring AB (Org. 559166-0617), which is the insurer, and therefore issues the insurances by virtue of a power of attorney from Eir Försäkring AB, Kungsgatan 37, 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden. Eir Försäkring AB has a license from the Swedish Finansinspektionen to conduct insurance mediation in accordance with the Försäkringsrörelselagen (2010:2043) and is approved by the Finansinspektionen and the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority to conduct cross-border operations to Norway, ID: FT00115507. Tillit Forsikring AS has no ownership interests in Eir Försäkring AB. Eir Försäkring AB can be contacted via the address above, as well as via info@eirforsakring.se. More information is also available at eirforsakring.se.

Contact information for Finanstilsynet: Revierstredet 3, 0151 Oslo.
See also finanstilsynet.no.

Tillit Forsikring AS has its liability insurance with W.R. Berkley Insurance Nordic NUF. Contact: Akersgata 35-39, 0158 Oslo, Norway, ekolberg@wrberkley.com.

Tillit Forsikring AS administers the insurance contract on behalf of Eir Försäkring AB and any questions related to the insurance contract, its terms and conditions, as well as claims handling should be addressed to Tillit Forsikring AS.


Tillit Forsikring AS offers digital purchase of insurance. In the digital platform, you as a customer choose the cover you want, without the company providing advice based on your needs. If, as a customer, you would like further information and advice on the insurance products, you can contact us at hei@tillit.no.

Wage benefits

Tillit Forsikring AS is an insurance agent for various Norwegian and foreign insurance companies. Tillit Forsikring AS receives up to 20% commission on new sales and renewals. In addition to covering costs for sales and customer handling, this shall also cover Tillit Forsikring AS costs for operating and developing the insurance system and insurance products, claims handling and other administrative costs related to insurance operations.

Complaint possibilities

Should there be something you are not completely satisfied with, you can contact us at hei@tillit.no or the Financial Complaints Board: PO Box 53 Skøyen, 0212 Oslo.

Right of withdrawal

Should there be something you are not completely satisfied with, it might be good to follow this recipe:

Talk to one of our employees first. They can often help you with a solution directly. Maybe it's all due to a misunderstanding, maybe we've failed a little with information, or that we've made a mistake in a busy everyday life? Then we would like to sort things out.

If you do not agree, you can contact our internal complaints body. Here you get a fresh start and a new case manager processes your complaint from your point of view.

The treatment time is from two to four weeks, and the treatment is free of charge.

If you are not satisfied after the complaints body has processed your complaint, you can complain to the Finansklagenemda. This is an industry-based complaints body that handles complaints against banks, insurance companies, debt collection companies and other financial companies.

Send a complaint to the Financial Complaints Board Post: PO Box 53 Skøyen, 0212 Oslo.

How to repent?

Contact us at hei@tillit.no.

The right to cancel is unconditional, which means that you do not need to state any reason why you want to cancel. When we have received notification of the use of the right of withdrawal, we will terminate the insurance with effect from the day you notified us. Remember that you must pay for the days the insurance has been in force.