Den norske barne- og ungdomsteaterfestivalen i Kristiansand - 25-29. oktober 2006

“Theatre for Young Audiences” - International Research Seminar and Working Group Meeting, Kristiansand, Norway, 25 – 29 October 2006

An international research seminar and a working group meeting which shall bring together University researchers working in the field of theatre for young audiences will be arranged in connection with the Norwegian Theatre Festival for Children and Young People in Kristiansand, 25 – 29 October 2006.

The seminar and the meeting are organized as a cooperation between Agder University College/ Faculty of Fine Arts (Kristiansand, Norway), the Norwegian Children’s and Young Peoples Theatre Centre SEBUT (Kristiansand, Norway), the University of Hildesheim/ Faculty of Cultural Sciences and Esthetical Communication (Germany) and ASSITEJ international (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People).

The seminar and the meeting are a step towards an establishment of the International Research Programme Theatre for Young Audiences. The initiative for this programme comes from Prof. Dr. Geesche Wartemann (University of Hildesheim, Germany), who has launched the idea, for the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International. The Committee decided to adopt the idea in December 2005. The first milestone for the programme shall be a constitutional meeting and a research forum at the 16th world congress and festival of ASSITEJ international in Adelaide (Australia) 2008. The organizational structure and the financing of the programme are not yet settled.

Agder University College / The Faculty of Fine Arts which has a special engagement in the field of theatre for children and young people has been in contact with the initiator, Prof. Dr. Geesche Wartemann, and the President of ASSITEJ international, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider, and has offered to contribute to the development of the programme with the seminar and the meeting in Kristiansand and futher on towards the Adelaide event. Agder Univsersity College and SEBUT could possibly work out and be in charge of a website for the programme. On the meeting in Kristiansand the further work towards Adelaide will be organized.

The idea for the research seminar and the working group meeting in Kristiansand is, to gather a little group of international researchers from different universities that focus on theatre for young audiences and who have a connection to ASSITEJ international; a group that can discuss and develop the further steps towards the Adelaide event and the establishing of the programme.

In order to start networking the researchers shall be invited to present their ongoing research to each other. This will be the first part, the seminar. In the second part, the working group meeting, the Adelaide conference shall be planned (structure, themes, eventual key note speakers, call for papers). In addition, possibilities for the further development of the programme after Adelaide should be discussed. The seminar and the meeting will be arranged in the frame of the Norwegian ASSITEJ festival, a festival that presents Norwegian and international theatre for children and young people. The festival will provide the possibility for further formal and informal discussions.

The seminar and the meeting in Kristiansand will be prepared by Prof. Dr. Geesche Wartemann, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider, Gunnar Horn (Dean of The Faculty of Fine Arts / Agder University College) and Siemke Böhnisch (Research Fellow, Agder University College). This planning group will prepare concrete suggestions concerning the Adelaide forum as a starting point for the discussions in Kristiansand. In addition there shall be information about ongoing research activities, collected in advance by the Secretary General of ASSITEJ international and the national ASSITEJ centres all around the world.


Siemke Böhnisch
Research Fellow
Agder University College / Faculty of Fine Arts

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